Companies are as free as they are corporate

ARMA 360
10 January 2020
ARMA 360

“Institutionalization” comes first among the subjects that companies discuss and try to apply, no matter they are big or small. In the business world, the answer to the questions “What is institutionalization and how does it work?” is among the most curious agendas.

Ömer Nasuhi ÖZTÜRK, CEO of Arma 360, a name that has been working professionally in the field of institutionalization for years, made very useful statements in order to understand the “institutionalization” matter more clearly. Saying that institutionalization is creating a separate identity from experts, managers and even company owners, Mr. ÖZTÜRK explained that:

“Unfortunately, if companies are working based on their personal experiences, knowledge and networks instead of a basic strategy they have created through their experiences and knowledge, they do not expect a healthy future. In this case, indispensable employees or managers come out. However besides the persons, positions are also dispensable factors. For example, until recently, the public relations departments of many companies have left their places to departments such as corporate communication and digital communication. Considering that the world is really developing at a speed that is often beyond our perceptions, this is a natural process. Companies are as free as they are corporate”

Ömer Nasuhi ÖZTÜRK, who emphasizes that institutionalization brings his own identities to businesses, underlines that every company with progress concern needs it:

“Institutionalization is of course a process. It is not something that can be set up rapidly. It should be carried out within the framework of a program prepared by professionals and by conforming to the plan. And, of course, this program should include strategic core elements. Firstly, the goals and methods must have been determined very accurately. This means a plan with its feet on the ground. The next step is that the application is measurable. That is, their outputs are suitable for measurement both in terms of quantity and quality. Next process, almost at the point of sustainability, can be called the heart of the business. It should be taken into consideration that human will apply and maintain this and it should be created in a way that can be obtained with human skills and access to resources.”

Ömer Nasuhi ÖZTÜRK especially emphasizes that following a path related to the desired goal is another important factor:

Ömer Nasuhi ÖZTÜRK also points out that the interaction and communication with the consumer in the preparation phase of the brand is the first step of the path to be followed:

“The potential for success in any business focused on the target is high. All dynamics should be created, executed and evaluated within this framework.”

And finally, one of the most important milestones of this journey is time. As I said at the beginning, institutionalization is of course not a process that will take place rapidly but it does not have an endless time either. It should not be forgotten that the schedule should be adhered to within the framework of the plan. In fact, this can be called checking whether the process is implemented correctly. In other words, we can say that it is a kind of motivation to fulfill the tasks undertaken within the process in a complete and timely manner. In short, I can say that the institutionalization process also has an end. But, of course, this is not an end in terms of institutionalization, it is a serious beginning that “Continuous Development” started... ”